Shaping Bilingual education of the next generation –

Shaping Bilingual education of the next generation
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This is a Master’s thesis paper.The Master’s Essay provides an opportunity for the candidate to develop a well-organized report on a topic of significance in the field of education. A reasonable length for this essay is 30-45 double-spaced pages, excluding references and following all other APA guidelines.
And this will be a library research.Library Research
Candidates will identify a significant issue or problem in contemporary U.S. education, do a review of the relevant literature, locate the research in a theoretical framework, state their position, and support it with conceptual arguments or empirical evidence in current educational theory and research. Candidates should also locate this position in the literature. The implications for education, educational theory, and future research must be clearly stated.
I’ve already done with the proposal,please write a thesis based on my proposal.The topic will mainly focus on the bilingual education in U.S. I will upload my proposal in my account, as well as the rubric.
please also make sure to do enough readings so you’re getting the most up-to-date readings. Think critically about what you read and try to synthesize what you find. Also, read the rubrics for this master’s essay assignment closely as well as the master’s essay information I sent describing what a library research paper is.

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