Short Essay

For the discussion forum assignment, you’ll find links to three scientific peer-reviewed primary literature articles (all three articles are attached).UV-Deprived Coloration Reduces Success in Mate Acquistion in Male Sand LizardsKin Recognition in RattlesnakesPhenology and Pollinator Prey conflict in the Carnivorous PlantYou should select one to read and use that as your article for the discussion forum assignment. The purpose in this assignment is to familiarize you with scientific writing.Based on your selected scientific journal article, use this discussion forum to discuss your thoughts on the article. Since we are just getting started with scientific writing, let’s take a closer look at the different parts of scientific paper. In your post, include the following information:Full name of the article you selected (should be one of the three posted from the Reading Assignment in Module 2)Why did you select this article?How comfortable did you feel reading this article? Was your comfort level different than when reading the article from the last module?Would this mean the last reading assignment was a scientific article? Explain the difference between this article and the one from the previous module.Identify the major sections of the paper. Do those sections correspond to the scientific method in any way?How would you explain scientific writing to a non-scientist?Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions you may havePlease write in complete sentences. There is no limit on the length of this assignment. Please answer the questions completely.

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