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Prompt: With the theme of “Roles of Women in U.S. Social and Political Life” carefully evaluate the provided sources and place them on the scale from least persuasive to most persuasive, stacking sources as needed. You will encounter various types of primary sources, so keep in mind which mediums are more impactful.

Then submit a short paper that explains the criteria you used to rank the sources. (Provide specific examples of how sources might be used in research. Identify a secondary source that would effectively supplement the primary resources, providing different information.)


1. Explain your reasoning behind the ordering system.

2. Does the medium by which a primary source is presented influence your decision more than the content?

3. Is a primary source’s content all that really matters when presenting information?

4. Sources speak differently to different people, so to help explain your ordering, imagine what type of audience (besides your instructor) would be best suited to accept your arguments.


You will need to select one secondary source that helps to justify your ordering of primary sources in this activity. Since primary sources can be better strengthened through the interpretations, critiques, and comments of secondary sources, it is important to give an example of which type of secondary source would be best and why.

5.Would a publication like an academic journal, scholarly magazine, or encyclopedia best help support these primary sources?

Newspaper articles, textbooks, and investigative reporting found on your 24-hour news network also provide examples of secondary source material that could support primary sources.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  • ï‚· Evaluation (ranking) of primary source
  • ï‚· Use of primary sources
  • ï‚· Explanation of secondary source

Guidelines for Submission: The short paper should be one to two pages in length, double-spaced. All citations should be completed using APA format.

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