short paper fake news

500 (minimum) word essay, must have a thesis statement, must have appropriate grammar, spelling and style.. must answer ALL questions within the question promp. You must give supportive evidence (cite at least 2 sources from what’s given from me to you. explain your logic/reasoning (5 points). Please note intext citations are required.

Many of what was read in class puts a lot of the blame of the “rise of fake news” squarely on social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Others have found it’s a “mixed” blame between users and the platforms. Still others argue that it all comes down to “human choice” and it is the decisions that we personally make that have created such a disinformative media environment.

What argument would you make? Who (or what) is to blame for the rise of fake news and our current situation? For this question, you must cite at least 3 sources.

*sources to choose from will be given

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