Should families be allowed to witness adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the Emergency Department? Perceived benefits and barriers to the patient, families and staff. –

critically evaluate family witnessed resuscitation in adults, primarily in the Emergency Department. I am based in the UK so would like some literature to be from British research. It must containAbstract (approx 250 words), Contents page, Glossary of terms,
Chapter 1-Introdution (approx 1500 words)
Chapter 2-Methods (approx 1500 words) Overview of search strategy and methods. Provide an overview of how you decide what types of literature you include and exclude.
Chapter 3- Results (approx 1000 words) to include overview of literature included and those excluded. Might want to present a PRISMA statement. Other part of this section should outline common themes found in the literature that respond to question, aims and objectives.
Chapter 4- Application/Analysis (approx 2500 words). Discuss literature findings, critically analysis of findings, Is practice evidence based, or not, and why?
Chapter 5- Conclusion & Recommendations for practice (approx 600 words)

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