should the US increase security on the Border with Mexico by passing a border security bill? –

should the US increase security on the Border with Mexico by passing a border security bill?
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By implementing these types of reform rather than merely legalizing all new illegal immigrants or keeping the current visa system, the government would be providing a legal means for low skilled workers to enter the US legally as well as protecting the borders. Research shows that crime in the border cities has not increased due to illegal immigration, but rather due to drugs. In order to reduce illegal immigration changes needed to be made, but to increase the feeling of security and safety, crime connected to drugs needs to be stopped. Drug trafficking needs to be addressed even more than crime committed by individuals. Based on their arguments and values, most of what the supporters want is not so much ending illegal immigration as stopping criminals from entering the country and selling weapons, drugs, or human trafficking. By implementing a solution that addresses both illegal immigration and drug trafficking in positive and active ways, more Americans will support the measure.
The proposal reflects the moral obligation of the government to protect the citizens of the US as well as those wanting to work in the country. It is also based on the obligation of the government to provide alternatives to deportation and the construction of a police state that has not worked to reduce drug related crimes. The proposal offers a legal means for potential illegal immigrants to work legally in the US and also creates steps for the coast guard and other border security to reduce crime by stopping potential drug sales from occurring. The most terrifying aspect of violence in Mexico has been related to drug crimes and similarly, in the border towns, drug crimes also threaten the American way of life. By increasing security and ways of finding potential illegal drugs, the proposal helps the government meet its obligation to the people to provide security and safety.
The proposal is based on the values of political stability and a secure lifestyle. By attacking the criminals who sell illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine, the government will increase political stability in the border towns and also ensure security. Additionally, the proposal is based on the values of ecological diversity and economic viability. Not building a wall and allowing the borders to have a chance to be peaceful environments will protect diversity of people and animals. Finally, when areas are known to be politically stable and safe, companies and other sources of economic growth move into the region and thrive.
The consequences of the solution are basically positive and progressive in that it allows more people to obtain jobs legally that were hired illegally in the past, while shifting focus of law enforcement to drug trafficking—the source of violence and crime. Unintentional consequences might include growth in the border town areas, increased incomes that permit more schools, healthcare, and improved infrastructure. Ultimately, the poorer areas along the border might become safer, wealthier, and better places to live. Negative outcomes might include increased costs of law enforcement as police attempt to capture and track down drug traffickers.
The solution is based on the normative Principle of Utilitarianism where the best moral choice is viewed as the one that provides the greatest happiness to the largest number of people. By increasing visas given to unskilled workers sought after by employers and directly addressing the trafficking of illegal drugs along the borders rather than illegal immigrants, more American citizens and Mexican workers will benefit. Also, Mexico will benefit as the economy and political atmosphere will be improved.
Based on the research, the interviews, and the civic engagement projects, I have discovered that the social problem of border security is a complex one. I also believe that the focus on illegal immigrants has be used as a type of smoke screen by politicians who have not considered alternatives solutions to the problem. While there are a number of illegal immigrants in the US, many come to be employed by a large number of small and large companies with specific requirements for low skilled, low paid workers. In general, the illegal immigrants work jobs most American workers will not take, or will not take for long. Finding a solution for employers so that the workers they hire are no longer illegal is something most of today’s politicians are not considering. Finally, one of the underlying social problems is crime—and that is linked more to drug trafficking rather than illegal immigration. Perhaps, those individuals who sell illegal passage to the US also deal in illegal drugs, but if the law enforcement and border patrol agents would aggressively ferret out the drug traffickers, then perhaps the number of illegal crossings into the US would also be reduced.

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