Show What You Know: Business Organizations and Employment Law –

To successfully complete the assignment, read the assigned materials and submit your answers. Please review the rubric for grading criteria and see the model answer below for an example of a full credit answer.
Use the textbook to answer all questions. Answers must be complete, logical, thoughtful, supported by examples, and well written.
Identify the four major categories of legal entities available to new businesses. Give an example of each. (Answering this question will help you achieve unit learning goal 1).
For each of the following, identify a business that would be appropriate for the form of organization specified. List the reasons why this form of organization would be appropriate for the business that you have identified.
Sole proprietorship
General partnership
Limited partnership
What is bankruptcy? Is there more than one type of bankruptcy? How does bankruptcy affects businesses and consumers. (Answering this question will help you achieve unit learning goal 3).
What is employment discrimination? Give at least three examples of prohibited conduct by employers.
Answer at least two (2) of the scenarios below. You may need to do some research online or at the library. Answers must be complete, logical, thoughtful, supported by examples, well written, and be at least 200 words in length. Cite your sources.
SCENARIO 1 (Answering will help you achieve unit learning goal 1 & 2).
Johnny Dang is a jewelry-maker who works out of his home but wants to sell some of his jewelry online. Dang rose to fame as a result of the 2010 rap song by Nelly called “Grillz” featuring a Texas rapper named Paul Wall. The song was a mega hit and it also spurred a cultural phenomenon. As you know, a “grill” is a diamond encrusted mouth piece and Johnny Dang was the mastermind creator of these unique jewelry pieces. Which business organizational form should he choose? Why? (Hint: consider potential liability).
SCENARIO 2 (Answering will help you achieve unit learning goal 4).
A clothing company refused to hire a Muslim woman because she wore a head scarf. The company said the scarf clashed with its dress code, which called for a “classic East Coast collegiate style.” Was this legal? Explain.
SCENARIO 3 (Answering will help you achieve unit learning goal 1 & 2).
Javier and Nina decide to form a performing group during the summer for some extra money. In preparation, they sit down and talk to each other, but they do not create a contract, and they do not file any paperwork with any state department. Javier and Nina paint a sign with the following words: “Just Nice Grove. We DJ, and the first hour is free!” The duo are very successful in their endeavor, booking 45 parties during the summer. Unfortunately, at the party at Nigel’s house, one of the guests tripped over the speaker wires, which they had failed to properly secure while setting up. As a result, the guest needed extensive medical care.
Which form of business has been created by J & N? Explain.
Besides regular concern about another person, why else should they be concerned about the unfortunate incident at Nigel’s house?
How might J & N have planned better to create more protection for their personal assets?
Which business organization should J & N have chosen? Why?
SCENARIO 4 (Answering will help you achieve unit learning goal 4)
Write an anti-discrimination policy for an employee handbook. This policy would be distributed to all employees upon being hired and a mandatory training on the policy would be given annually.
SCENARIO 5 (Answering will help you achieve unit learning goal 4).
Jazmina O’Connor was an unpaid intern in social work. She was assigned as part of a university program to a doctor’s office, where she was subjected to repeated racist and sexist remarks from the doctor. When she sued for sexual harassment, a court ruled her suit could not proceed because she was not an employee. Do you think the law should protect unpaid interns?

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