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Situation Paper
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Effective human services professionals learn to relate to their clients, even when the client may be facing choices that conflict with the human services
professional’s own values. Your task is to select one of the following situations blow and write a 600-1200 word (or 2-4 page) paper about your feelings about the
situation. However, you will be taking the opposite view from the one you personally hold. For example, if you against a situation, write about that situation as if
you are for it. If you are pro the situation you select, write about that situation as if you are against it.
1. Abortion
2. Capital punishment
3. Opening an X – rated bookstore in your neighborhood
4. The War on Terrorism
5. National health insurance
6. Affirmative action
7. Prayer in public schools

Has entrepreneurship helped with poverty in third world countries? –”

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