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Topic: social systems
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This assignment asks you to demonstrate an understanding of social systems, and how our social systems are associated with development and functioning. You are expected to examine your own participation in social systems. The paper addresses how membership in these systems has shaped your development and current approach to others as a social worker.
In your 3-4 page paper you will:
1.Introduce your topic. Identify 3 social systems (e.g. family, workplace, friendship network, religious community) which currently influence how you feel about yourself and/or how you function each day. Draw an ecomap of these three systems on a separate page to represent your interaction with the systems (this is in addition to the 3-4 page requirement).
2.Describe each of these systems. Is this a micro, mezzo, or macro system? Who are the members of this system? Is it an open or closed system? What are the boundaries of the system? Is there a hierarchy in the system?
3.What role do you play in each system? How do you interface with each system?
4.In conclusion, describe how these 3 systems intersect in your life. Provide an example such as the ramifications in these systems due to your decision to pursue a career in social work. What role have your personal values played in your decision to enter the profession of social work? What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to your future work with clients?
This paper calls on you to reflect on your experiences and development, analyze this material in light of the readings and class discussions, and write about what you have learned. In other words, you are encouraged to analyze thoughtfully your own development and current stance.
Be sure to present your points clearly and incorporate examples to illuminate and support your points.
Type your paper in Microsoft word using APA style formatting. This means using one-inch margins and a 12-point font. Be sure your name is on the paper. Please spell check and proofread your papers. Papers must not exceed four (4) pages of text (ecomap is an additional page).

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