Social Work and Mental Health Care in Australia –

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Write an Essay on mental health care in Australia with a particular focus on human rights and social justice and the impact of social policy.
Based on your observations, readings, and experiences reflect on the gaps that exists in service and suggest two possible solutions as a social
work practitioner. Your essay should cover the following areas:
• Briefly discuss the mental health care in Australia
• What are the particular needs for people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds who are living with a mental illness?
• Discuss Australian policy directions and its impact on someone living with a mental illness?
• What are some of the gaps and suggest possible solutions as a practitioner?
You should provide an introduction and a conclusion. Headings are useful to use, as they allow the reader to briefly skim the document before a
more thorough read. Please do not use dot points. Clear, succinct language is preferred.

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