Solving genetics problems II –

Solving genetics problems II
This assignment is worth 10 points. It does not require that you purchase any materials.
Important note: Do not attempt this activity until after you have completed the lessons on ABO blood groups and sex-linked traits (Lessons 9B and 9C).
Learning outcomes
• Be able to use Punnett squares to solve genetics problems involving blood types or X-linked traits.
The activity
Just like in Assignment 8, you will solve genetics problems using Punnett squares and submit your work in order to be able to see the key, and make sure that you are onl the right track.
Problems to solve
1. What are the probabilities of blood genotypes and phenotypes for the offspring from a cross between a mother with IAIA blood and a father with IBi blood?
2. Hemophiliacs have blood that does not coagulate well, and they often die at a young age. The disease allele is recessive and X-linked. The normal allele (N) is completely dominant over the disease allele (n). If a hemophiliac woman and a non-hemophiliac (normal) man have children, what percentage of their sons would be expected to have the disease? What percentage of their daughters would be expected to have the disease?
3. If a woman who is heterozygous for the hemophilia trait and a hemophiliac man have children, what percentage of their sons would be expected to have the disease? What percentage of their daughters would be expected to have the disease?
How to submit your answers for credit and see the key
You have a lot of flexibility in how you submit your work. As long as you include your completed Punnett squares to show how you arrived at your answers, and provide the answers to the questions, including probabilities of both genotypes and phenotypes, clearly labeled which is which, you will get credit. Use the examples in Lessons 9B and 9C as your guide.
It is important to note, however, that you are only allowed to submit one file. The Assignment 9 dropbox will not allow you to submit any more than that. Once you make your submission, you cannot take it back or change it in any way. So, be sure that it is completely ready before you upload it to the dropbox. You are being graded on completion rather than the correctness of your answers. Thus, even if you get some things wrong, you can still get full credit. They key is that you show all of your work and provide everything that is asked for in the question.
You can either create a document, such as a MSWord file with tables for Punnett squares, or write out your Punnett squares and answers on a sheet of paper, photograph it, and upload it as a picture file. As long as I can see your work, it does not matter how you submit it, although as always it needs to be in an acceptable file format.
Immediately after you make your submission of your single file in the Assignment 9 dropbox, you will be given access to the key. In order to access the key, click on the “Content” link in D2L, select Module 9 from the table of contents, and then click on the link called “Genetics problems assignment key.” Once you have uploaded your file in the dropbox, it will appear just after the link called “Assignment 9: Instructions.” Check your answers! It is important that you know how to solve these types of problems. Expect to see them on your module quiz and proctored exam.

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