Soul of a Citizen Reflection –

Soul of a Citizen Reflection
Address the following questions by writing an essay style academic paper. The paper is three pages in length, twelve point font, double space. No outside research.
Asset Based Model of Community Service:
In an Asset Based model of community service we look for the skills, talents and abilities in an individual or a community as to what she/he/it has to offer, rather than view her/him/it as deficient.
1. Prior to considering an Asset Based model of community service, most would have viewed Virginia as __________? Virginia started out in a situation so seemingly powerless, however, she created a huge impact in her community. In what ways does this account widen your perspective regarding community service?
2. In what ways does Virginia’s transformation demonstrate the Asset Based model of community service?
3. The author comments “When we shrink from the world, our souls shrink.” In what ways does this claim demonstrate Virginia’s life of community service?
4. Address Virginia’s husband’s statement “that is not your role”? In what ways do his comments reveal a deficient standpoint or an asset based perspective?
5. Reflect on your life experience. Was there a time in your life when someone told you it was not your role or place to speak out? If you remained silent, how do you view the situation today? If you didn’t have the experience, who or what have you observed that fits this situation? Explain.
6. The author comments, we become in the presence of other human beings. How does his observation coincide with Virginia’s life experience of serving? How does it relate to your current community engagement?

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