Sports/Advertising/Media- Analysing A Social Media Sports Campaign –

Sports/Advertising/Media- Analysing A Social Media Sports Campaign
Order Description
You have been asked to prepare an analysis of a social media sports campaign for your company’s board of directors. This comprises a 1500 – 1800 word report analysis of how this campaign functions drawing on the material provided in Weeks 1- 8 of the unit – its strengths, its weaknesses, how it engages with the fans and the major strategies employed.
What you will need to do:
Select an online sports campaign to analyse. (Remember: you are looking at one particular campaign across multiple social/online media.)
The campaign must be across at least two online/social media platforms. You need to provide examples of the campaign in your analysis. You MUST include copies of, or links to, at least 75% of the campaign material you are analysing in your submitted work.
Your analysis must take the form of a report, fully researched, referenced and supported by academic theory and secondary evidence.
Your analysis must demonstrate:
A detailed knowledge of the campaign, familiarity with the various theories we have covered and how to use them productively (25 %)
An understanding of how multiple social media platforms are utilised for promotion and branding as part of your analysis (25%)
Evidence of research both into the campaign itself (including strengths and weaknesses) and the academic literature that informs your understanding of the campaign (35%)
Academic writing and style (15%)
Readings and Resources:
Example of a major sporting organisation social media hub – AFL Social Hub
Some excellent ways to utilise social media as part of a sports campaign Cassilnelli, A ‘6 sports marketing campaigns that embraced social media’ viewed 20 June 2016
A comprehensive selection of readings – Clearing House for Sport ‘Social Media and Sport’ viewed 20 June 2016
Littleton, T 2016 ‘Social sports: Four ways sports can engage and entertain on social media’, HuffPost Tech June 26
Thompson AJ, Martin AJ, Gee S & Eagleman, AN 2014 ‘Examining the development of a social media strategy for a national sports organisation’ in Journal of Applied Sport Management vol 6, no 2 pp 42-63 (you will find this in attached file – ‘social media strategy resource’ )
Current and Upcoming Events include:
AFL Women’s Football (currently being heavily promoted)
Australian Baseball League (season beginning November)
EPL (current/ongoing)
Hyundai A-League (current)
KFC Big Bash League (Begins in December))
Major League Gaming (ongoing)
Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival (recently completed)
NFL (current/ongoing season begins 9 September)
UEFA Champions League (current/ongoing)
UEFA Europa League (current/ongoing)
UFC Melbourne (November)
Australian Tennis Open (January)

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