stock valuation and analysis 33

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students the opportunity to research a Fortune 500 company stock (THE BOEING COMPANY) using the popular online research tool Yahoo Finance. The tool allows the student to review analyst reports and other key financial information necessary to evaluate the stock value and make an educated decision on whether to invest.


STEP 1 – (Add as an APPENDIX after the references page within the WORD document in STEP 2 below) – The APPENDIX is simply an additional page after your references page where you show your work.

Access Yahoo Finance via the link below under Minimum Required References. You may also type in “The Boeing Company” within the search bar on the Yahoo Finance page. If you take this route, make sure you are using the NYSE for purposes of this assignment. Review the current financial information and statistics provided for The Boeing Company and answer the questions. “Current” implies as of the date of your paper. Copy the questions below to the page immediately after your references page and title it “Appendix”. Then, simply provide the answers after the questions. You do NOT need full explanatory paragraphs for this requirement as this is simply a question and answer requirement.

· What is the ticker symbol of the company you chose?

· What is the Current Stock Price?

· What is the Market Cap for the stock?

· What is the Price to Earnings Ratio?

· What is the Dividend and Yield?

· What is the Enterprise Value?

· What is the Beta?

· Was there a Stock Split, and if so, when was the last stock split date?

· What was the closing stock price for EACH of the last 5 days?

· What was the 52 Week High for this stock?

· What is the Book Value per Share?

· What type of rating are analysts recommending (i.e. buy, hold, etc.)?

· What is the average target price analysts are predicting for this stock?

· What is the analyst’s average revenue estimate for next year?

· What are 2 significant news items and press releases made by the company over the last year? Provide a VERY brief description (URL links will not suffice).

STEP 2 – (Submit as a WORD document in APA format)

Explain why you would or would not recommend investing in The Boeing Company based on the points below. Your outline for your paper should look similar to the following:

· Intro

· Describe the relationship between the value of the stock and the price to earnings ratio.

· What information does the Market Cap and Beta provide to the investor?

· Your recommendation

· Conclusion

· References

· Appendix (this is Step 1 from above)

Each point above should be a paragraph containing 4-5 sentences, with the exception of the reference and appendix pages. There are required references for each assignment. Those are given to you below. So, all you need to do is copy, paste and then proceed to double-space, alphabetize and format into a hanging indent. You should not need to use other references. But if you do, format those using the Reference and Citation Generator Tool (see link below).

Minimum required references include your textbook and Boeing’s Yahoo page (see below).

Ross, S., Westerfield, R., Jaffe, J. & Jordan, B. (2016). Corporate finance (11th edition). New York, N.Y. McGraw-Hill Education.

Yahoo Finance. (2019). The Boeing Company. Retrieved from


Use in-text citations according to references used.

List all references used.

Follow all instructions carefully and don’t miss anything

The instructor is using a system that will show plagiarism no matter how great you re-word the paper. Please be careful using someone else’s words.

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