Strategic Management, non-profit organisation (JETO Miyagi) –

Topic: Strategic Management, non-profit organisation (JETO Miyagi)
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This is a course assignment for strategic management in Charity. I am studying Charity management.
Regarding the reference,
Harvard style. Page number and line number are required. I will upload a reference list which we need to use.
Minimum number of references is 12 but it would be helpful if you use more than 12
In the context, 6 sections below are required to use as a heading.
• The approaches to strategic management
• The application of a range of strategic analysis tools
• The rationale underlying the processes of strategic decision making
• The relationship between the organisation’s strategy and its structure
• Internal and external power relationships
• Managing change.
do not use phrases a native speaker use. prefer simple sentences and phrases and words to make people believe this assuagement done.

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