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Essay question:
Reflect on the relation of strategic ‘fixes’ (Beverley Silver) to downward pressures on profit and control in relation to the strategies of supply chain security (Deborah Cowen). What are the
strategic implications (a) for capital, (b) for labour and (c) for the inter-relation between capital and labour?
Conceiving, developing, and communicating your own critical stance towards the material in question in as systematic and clear a way as possible
Advancing your argument by making your claims as specific as possible, and providing detailed evidence in support of these claims
Addressing your topic from the outset of the essay. Sometimes students broach their topic too late in the essay, and this often results in vague writing, overly broad claims, and cursory use of
Incorporating secondary sources as appropriate, and demonstrating their utility through their effective application within your own independently-formulated argument
In developing your argument, make sure you refer to both core books, in addition to other academic sources from the module and beyond. There is no hard and fast rule concerning number of additional
readings but you will probably want to use a minimum of an additional 4 and probably no more 8 additional academic readings (this excludes newspaper articles, company reports, NGO reports, and the
like). You may use a number of non-module academic sources as long as these are closely relevant and demonstrate your ability to go beyond prescribed texts.
Core books to refer to:
Cowen, D., (2014) The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade. Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press
Silver, B. J., (2003) Forces of Labor: Worker’s Movements and Globalization since 1870. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Sources to be used in the essay would be 6 (including the 2 books), I will upload a few articles to you and you can choose which ones would apply best to the essay.

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