student discussion reply post 2

I need a discussion reply post for two students. The responses aren’t supposed to be very long. The specific instructions are below. I have attached the student’s replies. Please give two posts, 100 words minimum each. I have also attached the instructions for the whole, original assignment for your reference.

Response Post – Minimum 100 wordsReply directly to two of your classmates with a critique of their media relations plans. Answer the following:

    • Does the message make sense? Why or why not?
    • Is the audience clearly defined and measurable? What other unmentioned audiences may also be interested in thecampaign?
    • Are the stated goals of the campaign defined, measurable, and realistically attainable? Why or why not? How canthey be best measured?
    • Does the plan of attack contain effective action items? How achievable are each of these items?
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