super easy life in 3 degrees global warming

8-10 pages, times new roman 12 point font double spaced.

no sources necessary. no academic language needed. First Person

  • Write about how you will cope with and respond to the changes that 3° of global warming will make in your life in the next 25 years.
  • Write about the changes in your life that you will CHOOSE to make. How are you deciding to live differently?
  • Knowing what lies ahead, will you decide to bring children into this world?
  • How will you decide to raise children in the context of the huge environmental, social, and economic changes that will be underway? What are your strategies? Write about the positive effects of raising children in these difficult times. What will be the high points of their lives? And write about things that will be difficult.

• Conclude your paper with what you will have to say to your children at breakfast 25 years from now, when they are the age that you are now – college seniors.

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