Support Strategies –

Support Strategies
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Proceed as follows:
Select one of the following individuals as the focus of your intervention
The teacher in this week’s “Virtual Field Experience™: Lesson Reflection and Coaching” video program
One of the teachers in last week’s “Levels of Use” interviews video program with Dr. Shirley Hord
The individual with whom you conducted the “Stages of Concern” and “Levels of Use” interviews last week
Investigate a support or intervention strategy that you might plan to use with the individual to support the implementation of the practice based on the current level of use and/or stage of concern
Locate at least one web-based article, website, or activity that you would recommend to your colleagues
Be prepared to share with your colleagues why this is an effective strategy based on concepts and principles in this week’s Learning Resources and/or based on past experience using this strategy or intervention
Finally, consider the assertion by Hall and Hord (2011) that “…innovation-related interventions and change facilitation support and assistance may be delivered by any person who assumes the role and responsibilities of change facilitator…” (p. 146). Families and the community are often overlooked as resources to support professional development implementation. How might you incorporate this valuable resource in the implementation of your professional development program?
By Wednesday of Week 4:
Post the following:
Identify the individual who is the focus of your intervention and provide a brief explanation of the individual’s stage of concern and/or level of use related to the new practice
Describe the intervention/support strategy that you think would be most appropriate based on what you know about the individual’s current stage of concern and/or level of use
Provide at least one web-based article, website, or activity that will help your colleagues to learn more about the intervention/support strategy
Explain why this is an effective strategy for this individual at this particular point in the change process

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