synthesis paper multiculturalism promotes the globalization of enterprises 1

Using APA style, prepare an approximately 500-word synthesis paper following these recommendations:

1. Select a focal point based on the three case studies we read this semester (L’Oreal, Culture Clash, Royal DSM).

2. Construct a thesis that makes a claim about this focal point. This must be more specific than simply that they share the same topic of “multiculturalism”. (Clear, original thesis: 3 pts)

3. Support your thesis with evidence from at least 2 of the 3 sources, integrating their material with your commentary. Avoid too much summary- include only enough to explain your ideas. Include the major components of an academic paper, including an introduction (with a thesis statement), a body (with topic sentences for each paragraph), and a conclusion. Paragraphs should be coherent and demonstrate unity. (Content & Organization: 4 pts)

3. Avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and quoting the sources appropriately with proper APA in-text and reference citations. Remember that a sentence cannot consist of just a direct quotation (use attributive phrases/reporting verbs). (Appropriate use and integration of sources: 3 pts)

4. Edit, drawing on feedback from previous assignments and strategies/concepts discussed in class.

5. According to the Outline, focusing on how/why does it promote globalization? In what ways does it promote globalization? (etc. etc. choose something specific).

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