take home exam family studies

I uploaded the FULL prompt in the files section below. Please do as she says because it is worth 100 points and it is MY FINAL exam score. She is ridiculously strict and will take off a lot of points, even for a little mistake. Read the prompt carefully and go in order as she says. Please make this at least 8 pages. Answer EVERY PART!

For part #3 where it says explain your family.. i will help you out by giving a description about my family.

I have a mom born in 1972 and dad born in 1966 and they are still married. They have three kids my brother born in 1992 and sister born in 1993 and me born in 1998. Also, my mom did abort a child in 1999. Let me know if you need any more info about my family. My brother is married to a girl born in 1992 as well they have 3 kids. My sister is married to a man born in 1993 and they have three kids as well. Then its me, I am engaged to a man born in 1992. We are a healthy family and we always communicate and get along. Let me know if there is any more info you need for part 3, I will provide you with more.

Also, for part #2 section b, when it says create a genogram.. you can just draw it out and send it to me if it is easier for you.. Doing it on a computer is very difficult, I tried and it kept freezing and deleting. She wants a detailed genogram, not the simple ones. I will also provide you an example of the type of genogram she is asking for.. (she is very strict for this section). She provided the assessment for you on the last page (thats the family you have to use to draw out the genogram.) Let me know if you are stuck on any section please. This is so important, it is my entire grade.. she fails a lot of people.

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