The essay is single line, no less than 5 pages.

The essay needs to be accompanied by bibliography and footnotes reference to bibliography. Essay’s font size can not exceed 12. Choose “Times Roman” font for your work. Images and diagrams are welcomed in the essay.

Since this is a college level essay, you need to be accurate in your references and work. Hopefully in upcoming years you will present magnificent works to various conferences and important agencies that will help your fellow man benefit from your knowledge and expertise gained over the years.

The issue will always be “to challenge yourself for better; in other word, your current work has to always be better than your last.

Topic 1:

Technological advances and American Society in 20th and 21st centuries:

The following items will help you structure your essay toward the conclusion:

  • a-Start of assembly lines in

    United States
    in late 1800s
  • b-Rapid production during World War II to counter the production of German war machine.
  • c-Endless creativity during the 50’s and gaining world status in incorporating technology in every day living.
  • d-Impacting the lives of other nations and continents for better thru technology.
  • e-Help other nations to increase crops for food thru hydraulic engineering and water supply.
  • f-Gradual Decline in the late 60s and the 70s
  • g-Amazing Microsoft and MAC and of course IBM to revolutionize all aspects of life for the coming years
  • h-Reinvention and re-emergence
  • i-Revamping the space and defense program as well as technologies in the 80s, 90s and 2000s
  • j-Present day advances in Medicine, Biomedical engineering, sustainability
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