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Topic: Textile Global sourcing
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***Keep in mind that this assignment is for a textile global sourcing class***
-Research a Country and articulate Pros, Cons and Potential Opportunities for Improving Commerce in that particular Country.
-What are the unique benefits to sourcing for your Brand(my brand is Petco, sells pet toys and pet apparel. Talk about textile sourcing in these area only) in the Country you have chosen to focus on? What are the opportunities to improve? Is there a viable long term relationship there? Or even potential joint venture factory opportunity?
-Why you think this Country is important to Global Sourcing in general, and to your company in particular. Is this a developing country or developed? What are they known for? Fine sewing skills? A key natural resource?
-Imagine that you are in a Sourcing role in your organization, and one of your key responsibilities is to develop a stronger sourcing relationship with the Country you have chosen. How can you drive business results for your company, while contributing to the global economy…particularly in the Country you have chosen to research.
-Articulate 2-3 key actions you will implement as part of your Sourcing Strategy to help deliver these objectives.
address all points above

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