The case of Mutandum Corporation –

Topic: The case of Mutandum Corporation
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Focus on the Data protection in Motion this issue and read the Mutandum corporation paper.
Write a four pages paper for this issue
13. Data Protection in Motion a. Scenario: Data communication between Mutandum corporate sites is protected by a point-topoint Virtual Private Networks (encrypted tunnels so to speak). However, Mutandum does not seem to have a policy or solution for ensuring that employees, contractors, or affiliates, who are connecting to corporate resources, do so in such a way as to protect the data in motion.
b. Objective: Propose a policy and solution for ensuring that authorized individuals outside the corporate walls can connect securely to corporate resources. Focus more on the treatment of the data communication stream and not on the authentication or authorization mechanisms at this point.
the outline for this paper is you need first do the overview of the solution, then represent the advantage and disadvantages for this solution

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