Graded Assignment

Lab Report

Answer the question, using complete sentences. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.

Please look over your data carefully and answer the following questions based on your results.

List two chemical reactions that resulted in a colored precipitate – look for a red, orange, or yellow product. Be sure to list the names of all reactants and products for both reactions.

Consider all the reactions from the lab that gave a colored precipitate (red, orange or yellow). What ion or ions do these reactions have in common?


(7 points)

Please answer the following questions based on your own lab results.


List two chemical reactions from this lab that resulted in a white precipitate. For each reaction, list the names of all reactants and products.

Look over your results carefully – what ion or ions do the reactions that resulted in a white precipitate have in common with each other?


(6 points)


How many of the chemical reactions performed in the lab resulted in a precipitate? How many reactions did not? Define the term double-displacement in your own words, then make a general statement about the interaction of aqueous ionic compounds using the terms double-displacement reaction and precipitate.


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