The Colonial Period –

The Colonial Period
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The Colonial Period
European settlement, Maori response.
The colonial period in New Zealand covers loosely the nineteenth century. It was a period that saw a rapid influx of European settlers, drastic changes to traditional
Maori society, wars, economic booms and busts, and the emergence of many of the political and social institutions that are still part of New Zealand society. This
assignment will give you the opportunity to explore some of these themes, and to examine their causes and consequences
Choose one of the following topics to research:
-The Declaration of Independence
-the Treaty of Waitangi
-Heke’s rebellion
-the economy in the 1850s
-the wars of the 1860s
-European immigration
-changes in Maori society
-the evolving political system.
Write a brief introductory statement (no more than 100 words) outlining the main themes you will address in your essay relating to your chosen topic.
Write on the details of this topic (around 600 words), including:
1-The background leading up to the event.
2-the event itself.
3-the aftermath.
Finish the essay with a conclusion (around 100 words) which sums up the main points relating to your chosen event and the arguments you have used
*Marks are allocated as follows:*
5 marks – Evidence of research (at least 12 sources should be referred to)
5 marks – Coherence of argument and use of appropriate writing style
6 marks – Inclusion of historical facts
4 marks – Presentation, referencing, bibliography

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