You need to do a speech paper for presentation, and it gonna be 4-5mins. And also need a Power point file for presentation.

And then need to do a flyer.

Presentation: 1. Follow the format of your proposal: a) introduce the issue/topic/opportunity, b) frame the current situation, c) discuss your project plan, d) and offer a brief conclusion, pointing toward the future. 2. Incorporate at least 2 images such as pictures, graphs, charts, tables, etc. but no clip art. Note: do not include any images to which you do not have copyright permission. 3. Each slide should contain fewer than 20 words (hint: list keywords or phrases and expand through speaking.) 4. Slides should demonstrate the principles of design (C.R.A.P.) 5. Presentation must include your voiceover delivering the presentation. If using a program that supports picture-in-picture, it’s up to you if you’d like to include your image. 6. The presentation must be between 4-5 minutes in length. 7. Must include a works-cited slide for any works referenced during the presentation. 8. Final deliverable is in a screencast format.

Flyer: 1. Must be a 8.5-inch x 11-inch document (you chose portrait or landscape orientation) 2. Includes pertinent information from your white paper (*hint: make sure there’s a title) 3. Demonstrate principles of design (C.R.A.P) 4. Include fewer than 25 words 5. Include at least 1 image (note: do not use images for which you do not have permission and no clip art.)

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