The Driverless Car Debate: How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles? –

Topic: The Driverless Car Debate: How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles?
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Hi sir,
i.m doing this essay for second time because the first i did not pass because the essay was mainly copied and he did not paraphrase enough. you never need to write about citations .
please please sir help me i worked with before and you were awesome and i got high mark. i will send to you the essay and you can see the teacher comments.
essay structure:
please use my plan i sent to and the article link above because my teacher said use your plan essay and write the essay again
please read the file that I uploaded because you will understand every things in my essay and what I want to have in my essay . I want and essay writing you will see plan sheet on file I uploaded I want you to write 6 body paragraph introduction, argument(for), argument (for), argument (against),argument (against), conclusion.
In this essay you can only use this article the I write it down
finally I want in my essay 6 body paragraph
1 argument (FOR)
2 argument (FOR)
4 argument ( AGAINST)
5 conclusion

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