The effectiveness of managerial function on the level of satisfaction of employees –

The effectiveness of managerial function on the level of satisfaction of employees
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Research Paper 1 consists of 3 components: • Topic Proposal (approx 500 – 1,000 words) • Literature Review (approx 5,000 words) • Academic Paper Review (approx 2,000 words) The Literature Review should relate to the business topic you plan to research in Research Paper 2. This topic also provides a listing of sample topics which you might like to also review. Current affairs (e.g. to review the economy) or social issue problems (e.g. the social effects of smoking) are unsuitable as a topic. For all business documents, it is important to develop a clear writing style. While emphasis is placed on content and substance, the manner in which you communicate information influences the outcome – in this case, the grade. Please try to use more articles, journals and case study which is related to ASIA countries such as Singapore. Thank you. Topic Proposal (approx 500 – 1,000 words) ========================================= Guidelines for the Research Proposal and Research Report are set out in the following paragraphs. Please ensure that you follow them carefully. The proposal submission is approximately 500- 1,000 words. The topic must be a topic from the business discipline. Topics which are considered to be current affairs or social issues are unsuitable and may result in an automatic fail for the proposal. Please complete the proposal using the form below. A sample of this form completed is available below to assist you in preparing your proposal. Proposed Project Title (approx 10-15 words): The effectiveness of managerial function on the level of satisfaction of employees Proposed Research Area: Organizational behaviour module Proposed Research Topic (Please indicate the module which topic will be studied from): ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT Proposed Research Question: (Please write the question) Rationale for Choosing this Topic and Question (approximately 300 words): (Please write) Preliminary List of References (Academic Textbooks and Journal Articles): (Please write) Please list at least ten suitable academic references 1. Please put in 2. Please put in 3. Please put in 4. Please put in 5. Please put in 6. Please put in 7. Please put in 8. Please put in 9. Please put in 10. Please put in LITERATURE REVIEW (approx 5,000 words) ========================================================= For this assignment, you are required to read and critically review a selection of academic literature on the business topic you plan to research in the next module. The aim of this review is to develop a research question that can be addressed in Research Paper 2 by replicating, in a local situation, an earlier study published in a refereed academic journal. Academic literature consists mainly of books and journal articles. Your review should cover at least six key studies published in refereed journals. You may cite an academic book if it provides a good summary of the topic, but the key items reviewed should be journal articles. Your Literature Review should contain the following sections: B0. Cover page • Short, descriptive title • Student name and number B1. Introduction • This section should introduce the topic,, and explain why it should be of interest to managers and management scholars • It should also state the purpose of the review, and describe how the subsequent sections are structured B2. Main body of the review • The headings used in this section will depend on the nature of the topic and the particular structure chosen to present the overall argument • It is usually most effective to structure this part according to the main themes that emerge from the review • This section should not be a series of summarises that describe one piece of literature after another B3. Conclusion • This final main section should highlight the issue arising from the review that provides an opportunity for further research • It should also identify the study to be replicated, and outline the context of the study to be carried out in the next module • Finally, it should state the research question that will be addressed by this study. B4. References • This should be an alphabetical list of all the literature cited in the text, formatted according to the Harvard referencing system described in Appendix A of the textbook. • Citations within the text should identify the author and year of publication, e.g.(Porter, 1990) Academic Paper Review(approx 2,000 words) ========================================= For the final submission of this module, you are asked to review and evaluate the study you have chosen as a basis for the design of your own research in the RP2 module. With this in mind, you should carefully choose a study that not only adopts a suitable approach but also describes it in enough detail for you to follow the methods used and adapt them as necessary for your research. The aim is to help you develop the knowledge required to design a practical plan for your own study. Your Academic Paper Review should contain the following sections: C1. Cover page (with a short descriptive title, student name and ID number, word count) C2. Introduction This should set the scene for the reader by stating the purpose of the review. It should identify the study selected; say why it was chosen, and explain how it relates to your own research. It should also outline the structure of the rest of the paper. C3. Summary of purpose, rationale and related literature This section should comment on the purpose of the paper; the rationale or justification of the study; and the clarity of its research question. It should also discuss how the study is positioned in the related literature, and comment on its conceptual foundations. How does it fit into what is already known? C4. Methodology and research design This should describe and evaluate the methodology and research design adopted by the study. It should include the context and site of the study; the methods used to collect the data; how the data were analysed and interpreted; any ethical issues that arose; and how these issues were handled. You should comment on the clarity of the design and explain how it could be used or adapted to address your research question. C5. Main findings and implications This section should outline the main findings of the research, and comment on their implications for policy and practice. It should also comment on any limitations mentioned in the study, and discuss any others you have identified yourself. C6. Conclusion This should close the review by highlighting the most salient points, and by referring again to how the design could be used to address your own question in the following module. C7. References This should be an alphabetic list of references to the study that has been reviewed, and other studies cited in the text, properly formatted in the style of the Harvard Referencing System. Mote: The Academic Paper Review should be no more than 10 typed A4 pages (about 2,500 words), using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

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