The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Future Relaitonships In Canada. –

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Future Relaitonships In Canada.
The ‘Research Proposal’ will be a minimum of 2000 words (11-12 font size, 8-12 double spaced pages), sources should be properly referenced (i.e. in-text citations/footnotes and bibliography), and the writing should contain little to no grammar or spelling errors.
Students will submit a digital copy (in Microsoft Word format) of their paper by 11:55pm on December 21 through electronic submission via the course’s CULearn webpage.
The document should include a separate title page with the date, your full name and student ID#, working title of research project, course code (LAWS3908A: Approaches in Legal Studies II) and instructor name (Nicholas Lamb).
This assignment is worth %40 of the student’s final grade.
Throughout the entire semester students should be thinking and developing a research proposal based on their own interests of a particular socio-legal/criminological issue/problem.
The ‘Research proposal’ assignment should sufficiently demonstrate the progress and trajectory of the student’s research interests/focus/question, and their comprehension of the ethical and procedural issues, methodological approaches, and theoretical perspectives relating to their proposed research project.
More specifically, the paper consists of undertaking the following eight objectives:
Research Topic & Question
Justification/significance of research project
Working thesis/hypothesis statement
Literature Review
Theoretical Framework
Methodological Approach
Political, ethical, and procedural limitations
Bibliography/works Cited

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