The Prince, its Purpose & Political Thought –

Topic: The Prince, its Purpose & Political Thought
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Main Source: The Prince
In a 4-6 page essay (1000-1500 words), develop your paper using the following as your guide:
What do you think Machiavelli advocates for in his The Prince?
While The Prince appears simply a dispassionate study of political behavior, warts and all, Machiavelli a supporter of republican government and Italian nationalist, also seems to support a particular point of view. What might he had in mind in advocating what he does advocate?
Although The Prince appears a very serious book, it contains some satire as well. What might be construed as satirical in Machiavelli’s work?
Evaluate the book to determine Machiavelli’s purpose in writing it, and then convince your reader of your point of view by using direct quotations from the texts, where possible, to support your points.
Finally, address the book’s contribution to the development of political thought and theory and its analysis of Renaissance statecraft and diplomacy.

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