As you respond, what aspects of RTI did you find you agreed upon in your posts and in what ways did you see RTI differently? How does this help you think about how you might offer support and resources to a child in your classroom? Make some suggestions that your peer may want to consider in their assessments.

Describe what you see as both the strengths and challenges of RTI.

The strengths of RTI is that it is an intervention not a program or teaching strategy. It measures progression of students and gives lots of support to students who need it. Another essential component of RTI is progress monitoring. There are frequent assessments that are helpful to measure students performance. However, there are many challenges like measurement of change and how to give those students additional assistance. When intervention is not showing positive results and progression.. Lack of progress monitoring measurements to assess student is also a big challenge. Not having the support of parents, teachers, and the school team can be a greater challenge.

How do you see children getting the support and services they may need through RTI?

There are many students in the general education classrooms that are struggling for different reasons. However, it is first important to know the purpose of RTI. The purpose is for the school to intervene, or step in, and start helping before anyone falls really far behind. Children get the support in specific areas and skills in an effort to improve them. By pulling students into small groups will help with instructional interventions. When students get the support they need through RTI, they get the extra assistance needed, which is helping get on grade level. When the right support is given, “quality curricula and instruction in Tier 1 will result in more students progressing satisfactorily” (RTI Action Network, 2011).

As you read the following case studies what would you like to learn more about?

I would have liked to learned more about parent involvement. What role does parents play in making decisions as to when and how long their child must wait for assistance.

If RTI is new to you, what have you learned?

I personally, would not say that it is new, but I’m still learning. I am learning that RTI can be beneficial when implementations are put in place in a timely manner.

If you have experience with RTI, what can you share about your experience with RTI?

I must that I have experience RTI. This is an intervention and it targets areas where students have specific needs in. My experience is more with Reading/ Comprehension/ and Fluency skills. Pulling students, who have trouble reading aloud and not being able to retell what they read is struggling and they will benefit from being pulled into small group for practice in reading aloud and reading with peers. his help build there confidence

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