therapeutic communication tools intercultural communication

These are 4 different questions, and should be answered separately with a minimum of 200 words each. In text cite should be include.

Question 1

Discuss three key communication tools pointed out in the chapter that you would use as a therapist. Discuss why these are important to you and problems that could occur when using these particular tools.

Question 2

Discuss three components of building trust that resonate with you. Why are these important to you? What problems could occur in developing trust with a client? Give examples.

Question 3

Based on the reading, what are the key factors that you may need to take into consideration when working with someone who is ethnically different from yourself? What communication skills would you use in that situation? Describe your possible counter transference. Please cite your sources and respond to at least one other student’s post.

Question 4

Based on the film for this threaded discussion, how can we communicate with children or adolescents, who are bullied at school? How can we communicate with children or adolescents, who are the perpetrators of bullying? How can we communicate with parents of bullied children or parents of bullies?

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