Think of a group you have belonged to and worked with during your professional life. (Professional life can be work done in charities/nonprofits/not-for-profits and your experiences in higher education.) You do not have to have use “real” names, especially if it was a bad experience! If you do not have any experiences you wish to share, feel free to make up a fictional group or fictionalize your experiences. You may use a group that has gone to the “dark side”, i.e. was/is dysfunctional.

Answer the following questions:

  • Use your readings from Chapters 7 and 8 to determine this:
    • What was the purpose of the group? Was it work or school related?
    • What type of meeting was it?
  • What roles did the various members of the group fulfill? Use the functional roles table 7-2 in Chapter 7 as your guideline to list the roles.
  • Using the Chapter 7 Self-assessment statements and 7-2 and 7-3 tables as your guidelines and respond to the following:
    • Was your group functional or dysfunctional?
    • What roles did the various members play?
    • What characteristics did they exhibit that support your contention?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful group? If a dysfunctional group, list 3 specific things the group could have done to contribute to a successful group.
  • Use specific examples and details to get full credit for this discussion. Write your response in comprehensive paragraphs
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