This has to be 100 % plagiarism free is to get into collage for a bachelor’s in science.

This will be a personal essay of  800-1200 word paper apa style this essay has to state the reason why i want to take the bachelo’s  in science what ill want to acomplish why and why the school should accept me.This is a quick bio of myself My name is Maureen Moreno, am 33 years old originally from Costa Rica but now a citizen of the United States, right now am residing in marlboro New York. Am a mother of tree, and husband. Four years ago. I decided that I wanted to better myself for my family sake after a big lay off in the company that I was working for. After that I saw is was very hard to find a job that will help me keep my way of living, it was very hard to maintain your home with a minimum wage job. I went to school and I got my diploma as a medical assistant and getting my associates degree in healthcare with a GPA of 3.25. After that I knew in my heart that my calling was in the medical field. I currently work in a hospital operation room I’ve been there for about four year as a technician and it is an amazing experience am really excited that now I have the opportunity to back to school for my Bachelor’s  degree I am going to be Surgical  physician assistant. In My free time i lover spending time with the family, playing games like the smurf’s and occasionally I like to go out to dance and just exited to start school again i wish everyone luck and there is a say that says you could do anything that you put your mind into and am a living proof. My bachelor’s will be in biology

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