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American Literature Research Paper
An American Hero
finished introduction so I would like you to finish the rest.
A hero is an individual who can serve as an example. He or she has the ability to persevere, to overcome the hurdles that impede others’ lives. While this intangible quality of greatness appears almost magical, it is indeed most human. And it is precisely because of that humanness that some individuals attain heroic stature. They are of us, but are clearly different.
We look to heroes for inspiration. Through their achievements, we see humankind more positively. They make us feel good. They make us feel proud. Their successes and failures lead us to ponder our own actions and inactions. By learning about their lives, our lives become enriched.
For this research paper, you will be writing a 6 page essay on a hero from American History. Your paper must be written in MLA Format including a Works Cited page and in-text citations. You must research your hero using 8 sources including: 1 book, 1 magazine, journal, or newspaper article, and 6 credible Internet sources.
Your paper must include (but is not limited to) the following sections:
Virtue(s) they display/represent
Non-heroic traits that make the hero human
Explain the difficulties the hero faced
Explain the hero’s struggle to overcome those difficulties
Explain the inspiring outcome of that struggle
The hero’s impact on American history
Due Dates: *The dates below are when each assignment is DUE IN CLASS. (Each section will be worth points towards your overall “Oral/Writing Assignments” grade; you may work ahead if you choose, but be aware that specific requirements will be addressed when each section is “assigned” in class)
Choose a hero – Gold 4/19; Blue 4/20 (hero selection in-class)
First two sources – Gold 4/21; Blue 4/22
Works Cited page with Outside Sources (all 8) – Blue 4/27; Gold 4/28 (Workshop)
Thesis + Outline of major sections – Gold 5/3; Blue 5/4 (Workshop)
Rough Draft – Blue 5/11; Gold 5/12 (peer edit in-class)
Final Draft– Gold 5/17; Blue 5/18 MUST SUBMIT TO TURN-IT-IN LINK ON MOODLE TO RECEIVE CREDIT. There will be little grace for late work, so make sure it’s turned in. Must be turned in even if absent from class.

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