Title Introduction that explains an authentic problem or issue that could be the focus of your Practicum Project.

Within the template, write a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper that includes the following:

  • Title
  • Introduction that explains an authentic problem or issue that could be the focus of your Practicum Project. This includes a brief rationale for your selected focus that incorporates references from the literature, specialization standards, regulatory standards, and/or other sources you have used to validate this project.
  • Goal statement with two or three measurable project objectives. A goal statement identifies what you expect to accomplish, the focus area, and the population. It introduces the project and conveys, in broad terms, how you plan to solve a particular problem or issue. Project objectives delineate your strategy for reaching the goal and the steps you will follow to complete the project. You must include two or three measurable objectives that use Application-level or higher verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Evidence-based review of the literature for project justification. This review provides evidence-based support for your identified problem, project methods, and evaluation. The literature should be directed toward justifying the project, not focus on potential solutions. You must include a review of your specialization’s professional-practice standards and guidelines related to your project and a minimum of five (5) scholarly references for this section of the paper.
  • The project methodology, methods, and theories that are appropriate for your project, including an explanation of why they will be valuable to use. This section addresses in detail how you will accomplish the project objectives. Include, as relevant, the who, when, where, and how of each objective.
  • The resources you need to complete the project. Identify and justify the human, physical, and/or technical resources you will need. Note that for this assignment, you do not have to address the financial aspects of your plan.
  • A formative and summative evaluation that will evaluate your Practicum Project. This details what the evaluations will measure and what information you can gain from that. Explain how you will use the evaluation results and how you will determine if the project is proceeding as planned.
  • Timeline. Create a graphic timeline representing significant stages of your project. Provide a narrative to help your Faculty SME understand the timeline. Include the timeline in an Appendix to your Practicum Project Plan.
  • References. References should be formatted in APA style and reflect current nursing/health literature (i.e., published within the past 5 years).
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