To what extent is economic integration a logical response to the competitive challenges facing European states? –

To what extent is economic integration a logical response to the competitive challenges facing European states?
To familiarize with an opinion to what you think is an extent of “Economic Integration as a response to competitive advantage”
You should begin with what are the challenges faced by European Unions?
Than in further essay so can discuss regarding any one of the following issue in detail:
1- Crises in Greece
2- Migration Crises
3- CSR Crises
4- Monetary policies in different European countries
Morevover, in further essay you have to talk about Upcoming Challenges
Once, you have identified European Challenges, you can easily give logical response.
Grades are always given on opinions but not theories
But theoretical framework should be included in essay from recent journal articles, newspapers.
Essay should not explain integration levels (What, why, or how)
Different arguments should be used within essay and justification and criticality is main point being considered in this essay. For example argument could also be, (UK is still using Pound as its stronger when compared with Euros)
Moreover, a small paragraph including (Single currency, Support Germany, Immigration Crises, Short Labour supply, Aging Population etc.) and all other challenges can be discussed but get specific to main question.
Lastly, Economic Integration downside and benefits can also be discussed in very short.
But at end response, conclusion and implications are major focus of this essay?
Assessment criteria for coursework:
The module will be assessed according to whether you meet the appropriate learning outcomes (see Module Specification) and, in particular, WHETHER YOU FOCUS UPON AND ANSWER THE QUESTION SET. Those of you who merely talk about the topic in general will not achieve the higher grades.
You should also consider the following in relation to your coursework for this module:
• conciseness: – particularly relevance. Do not spend so long setting the background, that you never get round to answering the question. Always ask yourself how and whether what you are writing helps you answer the question
• clarity: – layout and structure
• completeness: most important – do you actually answer the question or just talk around the subject of the question in a general way.
• References: your work should be fully referenced. If you have any doubts on this matter, please see a module tutor or consult .
Credit will be given to students who relate their argument to the effects of policy on business where appropriate.
Analytical throughout. Strong and thorough focus on the question. Development of own ideas based on a wide range of literature and sources that have been critically analysed and assessed. Must be properly referenced and sourced. Demonstration of ability to set answer within a broader context and use of pertinent examples where appropriate to demonstrate more general principles. A well-integrated, logically argued, internally consistent piece of work.
In addition, there are good sources of material covering contemporary issues in international business for a host of web sites notably
The International Monetary Fund:
The United Nations
The World Bank
The World Trade Organisation

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