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  • The following is an outline for final papers, which should be 8 to 10 double spaced pages.
  • The outline for presentations should essentially mirror this format.

Topic – Briefly describe the topic (an organization, agency, partnership or initiative) and indicate why the topic was selected.What are some ideas or themes addressed in the class that led you to select this topic? (1 page)

*****Topic: Toms Shoes, I have attached my outline for it and some articles and discussions from class, please associate anchor institutions in the paper

  • Background – What is the mission of your chosen organization, agency, partnership or initiative?How and why was the effort created?How has it evolved over the years? (1 page)
  • Assessment – What is a pressing strategic challenge facing this organization or initiative right now?In what ways is this organization or initiative well positioned to meet this challenge?What are the effort’s primary strengths?How has the effort successfully implemented its mission?What are some of this effort’s notable accomplishments?How effective is the effort at achieving its mission?What are some ideas or themes discussed in class that provide insight into this effort’s strengths and weaknesses?What are some particular readings from the class that are useful in understanding the circumstances of this effort? (3-4 pages)
  • Contextual Factors – What are some important national and global trends that could affect this effort’s future work?How is this effort positioned to leverage these trends to its advantage?What are some potential threats to this effort’s future progress? (1 page)
  • Recommendations – What do you think the effort can do to improve its effectiveness?What are some new approaches that you think this effort can pursue to enhance its work?What are some ideas and themes from the readings in the class that are relevant to this effort’s potential and improvement? (2-3 pages)

*** Correspondence from a Toms shoes personnel is below, please incorporate and address unanswered questions below :

1. What is the mission of this organization/ initiative? Please refer to publically available information. There have been literally hundreds of feature stories and interviews with Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder, about the mission of TOMS, why the org was started in 2006 and what it’s mission was.

2.How and why was the effort created? See above.

3.How has it evolved over the years? It started out with a simple One for One giving program. Buy a pair of shoes and TOMS will give a new pair. The company then diversified into other programs and products, including eye wear, coffee, accessories like bags and T-Shirts. For each new program the company created a One for One giving mission as well. Last and most recent change was to shift from giving shoes to letting customers decide which causes they want to support, so it seems like the company redirected away from One for One. Blake also announced that the comp0any would give $5M to support gun restriction efforts and political lobbhy for gun control.

4.What is a pressing strategic challenge facing this organization/ initiative right now? A couple things come to mind: How do customers respond to the recent shift away from simple One for One to a more traditional model of supporting causes with financial contributions? The One for One model’s effectiveness was based on its simplicity. The new shift requires more explanation and seems more in line with what others are doing. Another challenge is the financial pressures at TOMS. Next year, TOMS debt is due and the question is whether the company can survive give it’s current business challenges. This may impact the giving program.

5.In what ways is this organization/ initiative well positioned to meet this challenge? Strong giving team, loyal customers, unique value proposition, dedicated staff.

6.What are the efforts primary strengths? One for One was simple but powerful. In the eyes of customers it was very generous to give a new pair of shoes. Also, people immediately understood the mission. Last, TOMS made it so easy for people to feel good about their purchase. Not sure if the recent shift can accomplish this.

7.How has the effort successfully implemented its mission? Not sure I understand.

8.What are some of this efforts notable accomplishments? Close top 100 million pairs of shoes given in 13 years. Very loyal core customers. Signicfacnt brand value created and distinctive market situation and brand recognition.

9.How effective is the effort at achieving its mission?

10.What are some of the important national and global trends that could affect future work? Retail slow down in US continues impact shoe business which is still core to TOMS. Diversification into other core business lines failed. Social enterprises still going strong, customer demand more from bsuiensses these days and TOMS is considered one of the founders of the social business movement. And since people want freshness and innovation in this space, perhaps the new giving model may give TOMS a leg up.

11.How did this effort positioned to leverage these trends to its advantage?

12.What are some potential threats to this effort’s future progress? Lack of robust growth in sales, cost cutting measures, uncertainty about how customers respond to new giving model, are probably the most significant drivers of future success.

I have added my paper that I submitted earlier in semester that can be the backbone to add to :

Page 4 recommendation of cash donations to children: The recommendation from paper that should be informed by the assessment.

Add major takeaways from the content of the course and how learning from the class influences your current work and long range career goals on seperate document essay one page long

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