“Top 20” Multimedia Project Guidelines

1. For your “Top 20” Multimedia Project, you will select, after careful consideration and research, the 20 most important ideas, inventions, innovations, people, places, and/or movements that represent the most important developments that have shaped world civilizations from the earliest societies to the early modern era (1750 AD).

2. As you are researching and contemplating your choices, you must think analytically about what has had the most enduring impact on human civilizations and start preparing to write a compelling pitch for each of your choices. Think about this as you are narrowing/compiling your list.

3. Remember, that at least 18 of your “Top 20” must be before 1750 AD, 2 of your “Top 20” may be modern (anything up to 2016).

4. For each of your selections, you will need to provide a explanation and a compelling analysis of why this should be considered one of the most important developments, moments, inventions, people, ideas, etc. of the human experience. The explanation (description) and analysis for each item can be brief as long as it effectively conveys what you have selected and why. However, you must edit your work carefully to ensure that it is free of grammatical, formatting, and stylistic errors.

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