topic 2 dq 1 21

Please Respond to the following post with a paragraph, add citations and references.

“Probability sampling, also known as random sampling, requires that every member of the study population has an equal and independent opportunity to be chosen for inclusion in a study” (Grove & Cipher, 2017, p. 13). Random sampling is important because it provides information about data that is completely at random without someone’s personal input or prejudices. This helps to gather information about various types of frequencies. An example is population. Getting random sampling information about a population allows to gather information about different cultures, races, genders, etc. “Sampling seldom results in a completely accurate estimate of the population, but a larger sample size reduces variation and increases the likelihood that an estimate is reasonably accurate” (Dobson, Woller-Skar, & Green, 2017). With a smaller sample size, the information and data retrieved from that sample will be more accurate but the larger the size becomes, the data may be more skewed. In order to prevent skewed data, smaller sample sizes should be done. They could be done more frequently to gather a wide range of information.


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