Topic: African Americans involvment with WWII and military –

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World War II.
Specifically, I will be focusing on the integration of Black troops before and during and after the war. In consideration of the fact that segregation practices of civilian life often times were also very apparent within military structure, I would also like to speak to the accomplishments then then began to follow suite in later years.
My key points would include but not be limited to:
* The amount of Black Soldiers in the beginning of the war and their accomplishments
* 452nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
* Tuskegee Airmen
* Battle of the Bulge
* The amount of Black Soldiers at the end of the war and their accomplishments
* The later accomplishments that then followed suite in the years following
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Final Research Paper (30% of final grade)
Student’s will write a 6 to 10 page research paper on their topic. It will be 6 to 10 pages written and a bibliography. The paper should have three (3) primary sources and five (5) secondary sources and search UMUC’s data bases for two (2) scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals on your chosen topic – please note that you must find articles which are available in full text on the UMUC library data bases. ( at the minimum). Students must use proper APA format for citations and the bibliography.
What Are Primary Sources?
* Library of Congress: Teaching with Primary Sources (video and transcript) – definition of primary and secondary sources and why use primary sources
* Library of Congress: Why Use Primary Sources
Finding Primary Sources
* Library of Congress: Finding Primary Sources
* National Archives: Finding Primary Sources
Find three (3) primary sources on your chosen topic. There are a number of web sites such as those of the Library of Congress and the National Archives that contain digitized copies of primary sources that you may use. Please use copies of the primary source – not a transcription – you want to see it as it looked when created/used.
***** In a separate email or word document will you please provide any urls used for primary sources
***** URL for UMUC Library (to find for two (2) scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals on your topic)
check Full-text only & Scholarly journals only boxes
Type in search term
This will bring you to the login page
Username: mbrewer15
Password: *Mike_B0226
Essay Grading Rubric
To earn an A:
The student writes a strong, analytical essay that demonstrates a clear thesis and a solid understanding of the historical context, effective and consistent use of the minimum required primary and secondary sources. The essay offers an original interpretation. The structure and organization of the essay contributes to the effectiveness of the argument. Footnotes are used correctly; the bibliography is accurate; and any historical illustrations and maps used are relevant. Sentences are well-constructed, with clear transitions between paragraphs. Spelling and grammar are excellent.

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