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Topic: essay
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The aim of this assignment is to expose learners to the information offered by the Canadian Centre for Cross Cultural Effectiveness and apply this information to the ideas of Geert Hofstede.
Instructor Comments
When completing these exercises one might also want to think about the real life applications of Hofstede’s dimensions and national culture characteristics. In other words show how can they be used in practice.
Bing (2004) suggests a strong role in the area of training and company orientation initiatives. For example, when orienting new employees, they can be offered an overview of cultural differences and how they may influence communications and other transactions between various parts of a company. In regards to multicultural workplaces, models can be provided and examples offered of the specific influence of culture on transactions within multicultural work environments. Employees who are relocating internationally can be offered an understanding of their own cultural preferences and those of the country of assignment. Finally, nuanced global business practices can be developed such as communication protocols for working across countries.
This assignment seeks to help you understand the answer to a broader concern and that is, “How might the ideas of Geert Hofstede be applied in real life?” You should base your responses to the following questions on the country cultural descriptions found on the Website of the Canadian Centre for Inter Cultural Learning.
In order to complete the assignment, please access the CCICL website On the country Insights page, please use the Country List scroll bar and choose a country. For this assignment please choose four countries for comparative purposes. Once a specific country is chosen, please use the Country Insight scroll bar and choose ‘culture’. Please recall that the issues covered include making a good impression, dress, punctuality and formality, preferred managerial qualities, religion, class ethnicity and gender, relationship building, recommended books, films and foods, conflicts in the workplace, motivating local colleagues, in-country activities, national heroes, shared historical events, and stereotypes.
Please answer the following question:
Which inter-cultural issues noted in the Country Insights database help to explain differences (if any) in Temporal Orientation among the four countries? What are some of the differences?

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