Topic: Paper of critical thinking over the book Lost Names:Scenes from a Korean Boyhood by Richard Kim –

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The following are the instructions for the essay:
Please explain what it tells us about the nature of Japanese imperialism and colonial rule in Korea. How did the Japanese govern and control their Korean subjects? How did the Japanese rulers seek to cultivate loyalty to Japan? In what ways did Japanese rule influence individual Koreans in this story? How does Lost Names reflect the larger socio-economic implications of Japanese rule in Korea? Please give examples from the text to support your argument, using parenthetical references (37) to cite passages from the book.
Remember this is an exercise in critical thinking- not a review of the contents of the book. Do not simply repeat the information cited in the book, but rather use specific examples to illustrate your argument and your assessment of this book. Think about what you have read and express your thoughts in an intelligent, lucid, and mechanically sound essay. The paper should be three pages, double spaced.

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