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Compare and contrast Homeschooling and Unschooling. Describe each of these and show how they are same and different by providing specific examples. Are there differences in the types of families that homeschool versus unschool? Aside from religious ones; what are the main reasons why families school their children outside of the traditional classroom? What are the pros and cons of this, in your opinion and based on research? What is your personal experience with homeschooling and/or unschooling? Do you know anyone who educates in either of these non-traditional ways? If money and time were not factors; would you school your children or grandchildren outside of the traditional classroom? Why or why not? Would you have wanted to be schooled outside of the traditional classroom as a child or adolescent? Do you consider online learning at the college level non-traditional learning?
Required references:
As well as 3 uploaded documents on unschooling and homeschooling
Watch the documentary film “Waiting for Superman” (streaming link — ) . What did you learn about charter schools? What organizations or people supported the movie? What in the movie did you agree with and why? What in the movie did you not agree with and why? Who do you think should see this movie and why? How can you personally relate to the movie? Did the film inspire you to change something in your life? If yes, what? If no, why not?

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