Transferable Skills Project E-Portfolio

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Throughout your education, you have been asked to research topics and write papers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, consider diverse perspectives, and a host of other challenges that have required you to use both your discipline-specific skills as well as your soft skills to show proficiency of content-related topics. These are called transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you develop that can be transferred and applied within your chosen career. Transferable skills are highly valuable and essential for career success. The Global Skills of communication, ethics & professional responsibility, and diversity & teamwork are inherently interpersonal skills which are best learned in groups; they require community and collaboration. The Personal Skills of digital fluency, information literacy, and critical thinking are intrapersonal skills which can be practiced and learned alone.

Electronic Portfolio Requirements

For this course, you will be completing a course project or transferable skills assignment, which showcases your use of transferable skills. You will save your course project, along with rubrics that your instructor used to score your project, to your Transferable Skills Course Project Collection. Make sure to compile ALL components of your project/assignment(s) If the project covers several assignments, compile them all in their proper order. Sometimes a project can span throughout several weeks of a course. For example, if you have 5 assignments as part of a project, you will need to compile ALL 5 assignments into one document/final project in proper order.

Make sure that you review the transferable skills pages, along with other pages within this module in order to ensure that you understand the six transferable skills Communication, Critical Thinking, Digital Fluency, Diversity and Teamwork, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Information Literacy. Also, review the “Creating a New Optimal E-Portfolio Account” and the “E- Portfolio Submission Instructions” pages for details on setting up your Optimal Resume E-Portfolio account and properly submitting your course project to your Transferable Skills Course Project Collection.

You will need to refer back to the projects that you’ve saved in your Transferable Skills Course Project Collection when you take your Capstone Course. The Capstone course at the end of your program will require you to choose the assessment that best exhibits your knowledge and demonstration of the Transferable Skills, which will include an added reflection and be placed in a portfolio required for graduation.

Transferable Skills Project E-Portfolio

Rasmussen College’s General Education Committee, Assessment Coordinators, and library team have worked together to build websites to allow students, faculty, staff, and community members, including local employers and advisory board members, to explore the institution’s Transferable Skills. These guides are complete, and six such websites – called online “guides” – are designed to support the College’s Mission and its emphasis on Transferable Skills, academic excellence, and lifelong learning. To complete these guides, faculty and staff members from across the College located content – from literature to assessments to videos – to share widely. Collectively, these guides have already received thousands of views, from interested students, faculty, and College support staff.

Links to each of the six Transferable Skills guides can be found below, within this page. These guides include:

  • Communication, which explores displaying capability in writing, reading, and oral communication, and understanding of non-verbal language;
  • Critical Thinking, which includes problem solving, creativity, and the application of clarity and precision;
  • Digital Fluency, which focuses on effectively employing and understanding digital tools to express ideas in appropriate contexts;
  • Diversity and Teamwork, which consists of demonstrating awareness and empathy while working collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility, which involves understanding and exhibiting principles of conduct and professional behavior which impact a greater good in the world and workplace, and understanding and applying ethical and professional principles of conduct; and
  • Information Literacy, which is dedicated to the discovery of information and the understanding of how information is produced and valued.

Here are the links to each of the six guides for the Transferable Skills:

  • Digital Fluency:
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility:
  • Communication:
  • Diversity and Teamwork:
  • Information Literacy:
  • Critical Thinking:
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