unit 6 assignment 4

Writing Assignment Rubric – REL 321

Points per assignment: 50

Post in: Discussion Board

Please only submit your Writing Assignment in your designated group organized by the first letter of your last name. You will see this in Blackboard. Submissions outside of your designated group will not be accepted.


Please choose one concept from the required readings for this unit to write about. Then, complete the following, designating each section with its corresponding letter. (Failure to follow this structure, including letter designation, will automatically result in a loss of 25 points)

  • Name the concept you have chosen. (If the concept does not have a set name, do your best. This is a reference point for my grading).
  • State where you found the concept, including the author’s last name and page number. (If the author is a website, list the website. If the reading has no page number, leave that part blank).
  • In 1 to 3 sentences, explain the concept in your own words.
  • In 100-150 words, detail how that concept applies to this week’s film. Make sure you use evidence from the film.


Remember, failure to follow the required structure, including letter designation, will automatically result in a loss of 25 points.

Refrain from making theological or personal-belief-based arguments. For these assignments, I am not interested in whether you agree/disagree with the religions we are discussing, but rather in your ability to apply the course concepts.

Use proper grammar and spelling in your writing. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. Take the time to edit your work before submitting.

Please stay within the required sentence and word ranges. Do not go under or over. You will lose points.

I will be grading mostly on critical and creative thinking skills. A “B” grade answers the question in an expansive, clear manner with only relevant information. An “A” grade will display a further step in critical thinking and go beyond the obvious. Be creative (in your thoughts, not your writing)! Be daring!

My grading will get stricter for each subsequent assignment (after you have received feedback). You must incorporate my feedback. Failure to do so will result in a severe loss of points.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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