Insight Papers and Presentation

Assignment Introduction:

International Paper:

One of your insight papers will have an international focus using a foreign news source. Your international insight paper must explain how the U.S. Economy relates to another country or economically.

You are to research, read and annotate the two articles and use them as the basis of a paper where you provide the importance of the topic as it related to your chosen topic. Insight is defined as the ability to understand clearly or deeply.

Insight Paper Details:

1. Format/Length:

You will write insight paper two (2) pages in length, single-spaced and 12-point font. Please write in complete grammatically correct paragraphs, using academic vocabulary and do write in the first person. You must print out copies of both annotated news articles and staple it to the back of your insight paper.

2. Paper Organization:

Each paper should include the name of the sources of the articles, the dates, the titles and the authors of the articles.

Your paper should include an introduction that includes a summary of the topic, detailed body paragraphs that discusses the issues, unanswered questions about the topic, related events, people, etc. found in the article.

Lastly your paper should have concluding paragraph that does not simply restate what you have already written. Rather, your conclusion should include your insights about the topic, show your readers why your paper was important and/or gives your reader something to think about.

3. Insight Component:

Your paper must include insights about what you have learned and understand as a result of your research and reading your article. Insight is defined as the ability to understand clearly or deeply.

Simply, your paper should show your clear understanding of the and or questions, etc. related to your topic and both articles. Your insights should discuss important issues, ideas, people, places and your questions as a result of your research that are answered and not answered in the articles.

4. Research:

Your insight papers must include a detailed discussion of two different and distinct news articles about your topic from reputable newspaper or online news sources.

The following is a list of acceptable news sources

For the international focused insight paper, your news articles you must be a foreign news source. There are many foreign news sources in English to use. Here is a list of just some of them to get you started:…

Do not use Wikipedia, or other “Headline News” sources that have short articles that provide only a summary of the story like, BuzzFeed, Yahoo news, etc.

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