Use the chain ratio method To estimate the annual Market sales potential for electric toothbrushes in

You must read the file that I attach it then answer the questions

Market Sales Potential and the Chain Ratio Method (pp. 76-77 in textbook)

1. Use the chain ratio method to estimate the annual market sales potential for electric toothbrushes in:

a. USA

b. India

c. China

d. Brazil

Discuss the assumptions behind your sales forecast, and include all of your calculations. Make sure you use secondary sources to back up your assumptions.

2. Which elements of your calculations are controllables and which are uncontrollables?

3. How does each market fare, and what are the implications for toothbrush manufacturers?

4. What is the relationship between market sales


Show all calculations and highlight the answer

write the formula

you should do all the requirements for the the questions , answer all part for the question

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write the question first then write the answer

The answer should cover all the requirements for question

Use simple words

write the refernce

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