use the proposal as guidelines to expand the nuclear reserch into a 15 pages reserch paper be sure to reference in apa form 1

Topic: Nuclear Power

Sub-topic: Future possibilities on Nuclear power—Global trends in nuclear power

People find nuclear power somehow “dangerous” or “horrifying” base on nuclear radiation. Nuclear bombs sure did a horrifying job on such impression, but todays’ topic is not about weapons, it’s about Nuclear power plants’ past/present/future. Nuclear is a zero-emission energy that labeled as clean energy. In today’s Canada, there are five nuclear power plants in three provinces that house 22 nuclear power reactors. What is that mean? It means with only five nuclear power plants in whole Canada it produces 15 percent of Canada’s electricity. With such great number shows such great possibilities on nuclear power. In Canada nuclear power plants have been producing electricity since 1960s, yet it only has five nuclear power plants for now. There are great possibilities on nuclear but also great challenges on it as well.

I will mainly target two parts on this project paper. 1) Pros and Cons on nuclear power or (possibilities and challenges). 2) Global trends on nuclear energy/nuclear power plants. Especially in the global trends in the future market.

Some questions which I will aim to answer in my report:

1). What are the different types of nuclear power reactors currently used? Is there any new designs or new types of reactors being developed in future?

2). What could be done to make nuclear energy safer in the future?

3). What should we do on nuclear waste?

4). What are the cost (economic way of looking and judging the nuclear power) on nuclear power plants both on short-terms and long-terms?

5). Why or why not nuclear power plants should be the future trends on energy producing?(It would be good if you summer which countries will stop nuclear, which will go ahead or increase their plants)

Some References:

There is a couple of articles and official websites I may used on this project paper. ( the references list below may also change or add/removed base on future writing—so it is definitely not the final version).



3). Wilson, P.D., The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, OUP (1996) Alex P. Meshik, The Workings of an Ancient Nuclear Reactor, Scientific American (26 January 2009; originally published in the October 2005 edition of Scientific American)

4).Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission official website:…

Use the proposal as guidelines to expand the nuclear reserch into a 15 pages reserch paper. Be sure to reference in apa form

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